TAG10 Jam - Day 6

May 2013

May 7th, 1:00PM to 8:00PM EST (39.75 hours total)

The game now has an intro, the ability to choose your friends, and you can win or lose now. All that’s really left other than fixing the art up, and it needs fixing, is adding an indication when a mom spots a kid. Right now the kid just disappears. I also have to display your score still. As of right now the score is based on the type of friends that make it to the tree house, but I’ve added a counter for how many turns you take. I would like to fator that in some how.

Anyway here is what I’m considering the first alpha build of Forget Timmy! for the 10th TAG jam.

I still have five more days to work on this game until the submission deadline. I should be able to change the artwork around considerably by then. I will also have voice acting done for the moms and each kid will have their own voice actor. Gotta love roommates.

I will have to find another Game Jam to do after this one is over. Most seem to be 48 hours, that seems like a big challenge considering it’s been six days so far and this is only how far I’ve come along. It has been a blast though.

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