TAG10 Jam - Day 5

May 2013

May 6th, 9:45AM to 1:00PM EST (32.75 hours total)

I have the kid detection in place. Finding a kid in range of a mom was easy, testing if there was any obstructions hiding the kid from the mom was harder. I had to take a couple hours and work on something else and then come back before I got it working correctly. You even lose control of the kid that gets found.

I redrew the grill sprite and I am very happy with it, especially compared to the original iteration. See for yourself.

The loss condition is programmed so my goal for tomorrow is the win condition and picking your friends at the start of the game. The the only things left to do is finish fixing the art and add UI for controls, score, and when a mom catches a kid. Overwall was a short day but I’m happy with what I got done.

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