TAG10 Jam - Day 3

May 2013

May 4th, 9:45AM to 9:00PM EST (23.25 hours total)

Added in the missing tile for the fence because it was really bothering me. A fellow jammer pointed out that the perspective of my art didn’t always match and I can’t believe I didn’t notice something so obvious. Thanks to @andyman404 for pointing that out. I will try to have that fixed before the jam is over.

Finished a third level, I will add more levels in once I get the game play working. So far I’ve built the map data into the game. The camera controls are done! You can pan up and down so you can look ahead and keep an eye on those pesky moms.

I have the movement GUI done and the movements for the friends is also done. I still need to make the turn based system and have the friends cycle as they run out of moves. I also started the beginning of the game where you get to choose your friends. As of right now You will be able to pick any combination of two friends for the mission. I settled on two because there are only three levels completed. I don’t want to hardcode to many levels because I would like to generate them randomly at some point.

I also wasted a bunch of time trying to draw an epic tree house for the goal but I can't draw. I drew a giant tree with a ladder nailed to it and leaves covering where the tree house would be. Problem solved! I also updated my flower pot sprite and gave it some shading and added some texture to the dirt. Tomorrow I want to fix the flamingo and change the perspective of it to match the flower pot and bird bath. Here's a screenshot!

second screenshot

Tomorrow my programming goals will be to finish the turn based system and test the movement system for the friends and then start on coding the moms. Here’s a screenshot of the “tree house” that your friends are trying to get to.

Lesson: Unity3D didn't like around 300 game objects as sprites with colliders in a 2D project with the non-pro version. I converted all my obstructions into the background and eliminated all but six of my sprite game objects. I hade the locations of the obstructions already mapped out so I can just use that information and avoid collisions altogether.

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