TAG10 Jam - Day 1

May 2013

Summary of May 2nd, 7:30PM to 11:00PM EST (3.5 hours total)

So this is my first go at a game jam! I'm participating in TAG10. There is a page on reddit where the participants are encouraged to do daily gamedev diaries. I will be keeping a shorter version there and a more detailed version here. The jam will last for ten days and last until May 12th.

Learned about the themes, broccoli, flawed and sacrifice. Chose to go with broccoli and sacrifice for my game. I liked the old hockey game for the NES where you had the fat slow one the skinny fast one and then the average hockey play to pick from for your team. So I wanted to do that.

Instead of a hockey team they will be your friends. Your goal, with your friends, is to sneak past all of your neighbors yards to get to your tree house. If a neighbor catches you though they will make one of you eat broccoli. This is the hard part, you have to pick a friend to sacrifice and leave behind while they choke down the broccoli.

You move the kids one at a time. After each kid moves the adult/adults get a turn to move. There will be objects in the yard to hide behind such as a dog house, pink flamingos, flower pots, hammocks, grills, picnic tables and lounge chairs. Once an adult is feeding a kid broccoli they won’t bother the remaining kids.

The fat kid gets to move one square a turn, but they are worth 500 points if they make it to the tree house. The average kid gets to move two squares a turn but they are worth 250 points if they make it to the tree house. The skinny kid gets to move three squares a turn but they are only worth 125 points if they make it to the tree house.

I will be using Unity3D to create this game and it will be a top down 2D project. I have created the tiles I will need for the yards.

So far I’ve completed the tiles for the ground, fence, gates and a picnic table. Tomorrow I will finish the art for the remaining obstructions and then work on the animations for the characters.

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