About Me and This Blog

May 2013

Hi! I’m Chris and I’m starting to take my game development hobby seriously. The tools I use are Unity3D, Krita, GIMP and Blender. This blog will track my progress as a game developer and share what I learn along the way.

At first, posts will be about getting the software and their basics, then we start on the games!. The first few games are clones of classic games such as Pong, Simon Says, Mario and more. This site here has a great list of games that I will work on. You can download all of the code and assets for these games in zipped files. Tutorials for each game will be posted here as well, both written and as videos.

There will be development diaries for game jams I participate in and my projects. The games, code, assets will be provided, as long as the rules permit. I’ll live stream some of my development both for game jams and in general.

I would love to hear about any games you are working on and would be more than happy to play them and provide feedback. Giving feedback is a great way to learn. Let’s make some games!

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